Cancer Fighting Tips

All day I have been trying to decide what today’s blog would be. I have come across so much information on many subjects that I just couldn’t decide…until now. I decided to make this post one that could be useful for those with or without cancer. Here are some tips to fight or prevent cancer!

Minimize refined carbs.
Minimize sugar.
Eat more colorful veggies because each color is related to a different variety of nutrients and antioxidants…and antioxidants help slow the damage of oxygen to the body (which cancer loves).
The sweetener called stevia (it is an herb that is 400 x sweeter than sugar) actually stabilizes blood sugar…which aids in limiting a cancer-friendly environment.
Exercise cuts your risk of developing cancer in 1/2 (even just walking daily).
Take vitamin D supplements.
Eat ginger and curry (both known to be cancer-fighting).

Also, one fact you may not realize:

Diabetics are more likely to get cancer if they do not stay off of sugar and refined carbs! Remember, this is what cancer feeds on!

Hope this helps! Have a healthy day!


About alternefit

Rachel Flowers is an advocate for healthy living through education and lifestyle changes. She has a BA in psychology, an MA in teaching and education, an AAS in graphic design, and is pursuing her BS in health and wellness. Rachel is also working toward her FDN certification, a C.H.E.K. certification, and a CFN certification. In her quest to get herself and others around her healthy, Rachel has found that she can use her writing and technical abilities to spread the word regarding whole health and wellness, truths versus fallacies in health, paradigms that should be changed, and history and biochemistry that might help many others become healthier. Those around Rachel have encouraged her to pursue her passions in health and wellness. Throughout the process of creating her own health information and assistance business and blog, Rachel has also been encouraged by the community members. Check her out at her website!
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