Corn! It’s in EVERYTHING!

Did you realize that this country has become so dependent on corn that you wouldn’t even know some of the products it is in? Obviously, there is corn oil and corn syrup. There is also corn meal and some other blatantly obvious corn derivatives…but did you know that

The stuff nearly everything is made of!

corn also gets put in products like make-up, shampoos, and other beauty products?

This blog is not going to be that long because there are a ton of websites out there that can tell you more about this, but I thought I’d bring this tid-bit to you and point you in the direction of some of the facts about this odd dependence.

Here are some simple facts about corn:

The corn today is not the same as the original corn that was nutritionally better for us in the past.

Corn can be an allergen to some people.

Some of the corn derivatives CAN be as follows:

Acetic acid

Alpha tocopherol

Ascorbic acid




and more…

(, 1999-2011)

If you want to know more about this subject, I recommend you visit the following site:

Also, a great documentary to check out is called “King Corn” by Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis.

Thanks and have a healthy day!



Cheney, I., & Ellis, C. (2007). King corn. Mosaic Films. Retrieved from (1999-2011). Corn allergens list. Retrieved from

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2 Responses to Corn! It’s in EVERYTHING!

  1. crystal davidson says:

    Good post, and in addition corn is always GMO unless specifically organic corn.

  2. alternefit says:

    Great point, Crystal! Another good film to check out on this topic is “The Future of Food” by Lily Films!

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