Metal Music and Nutrition/Fitness…did you know?

Rock n Fit!

Yes, this blog does have to do with combining those two worlds that often don’t seem compliant with one another…heavy metal music and nutrition/fitness.

But, the truth is that the two CAN and OFTEN ARE combined. I was sitting here trying to figure out what I could title this blog so that people might want to take a gander at it…sooo, I looked up the combination of “metal songs and nutrition.” Guess what the first song up was? WALK by PANTERA! How ironically funny is that? Of course, the search engine is probably used to my own general choices so that is the first thing that I got…but this prompted me to ask…”What songs do you think go hand-in-hand with your lifestyle and health or fat-loss?”

Hence…I changed the subject of this blog…for now!

Being someone that loves to learn and grow, I often work-out and listen to scientific nutrition and fitness podcasts. I also listen to these while I am at work as well as when I am cooking. I’ll be honest, I am immersed in this nutrition and fitness research world. Not only do I listen to the podcasts, but I read the blogs, research, and websites that people often reference. I LIVE for the research and knowledge about it. I do it so that YOU do not HAVE to unless you WANT to! I try to portray a balance in what I learn and understand, but I want to stress that you should even question me!

But, I digress…this blog…for now…is about the music related to the knowledge!

Since I spend my time listening to experts talk while I research what they say and do, I wonder…what gets you going? What do all of you listen to when you play, work-out, cook, work, and just have fun? I would love to know if anyone has suggestions about some good songs about food?

I can say…there are varying beliefs. I don’t necessarily subscribe to any one particular for any one individual….BUT (yes, there is a but) I think that the song should not push a belief.

One song I remember I loved during my teenage angsty years of misguided vegetarianism (no offense…I back my own ideas upon science and research only) is Citizen Fish’s song, ‘Sacred Cows.’ Of course, this appeals to punk rockers, veggies, vegans, and alternative folks. No troubles and a serious message…BUT (again, that but)…I don’t subscribe to that…for myself or for health, really…while I used to, I have obviously changed after really understanding the research.

So, again, I ask…what songs do you think of when you think of nutrition/fitness? Think Pantera-esque musique! Look, one of those top rated songs was WALK by PANTERA! Another was ACE OF SPADES by MOTORHEAD! This is cool, in my opinion…I could surely cook a healthy meal and work out to these songs…let alone the dancing and partying!

Anyway, I think it is important to combine the two…and I think many do…but my job is to get you interested in the idea that the two can be fun and work…it is my job to get you looking good while simultaneously having fun…and I do it…so I know you can too!

What do you think?

What is your passion?

What is your song?

What is your band?

What appeals to you?

Who really ever asks you these questions in consideration to your life?

I hope to hear from MANY of you!

Until then, Have a Healthy Day!


About alternefit

Rachel Flowers is an advocate for healthy living through education and lifestyle changes. She has a BA in psychology, an MA in teaching and education, an AAS in graphic design, and is pursuing her BS in health and wellness. Rachel is also working toward her FDN certification, a C.H.E.K. certification, and a CFN certification. In her quest to get herself and others around her healthy, Rachel has found that she can use her writing and technical abilities to spread the word regarding whole health and wellness, truths versus fallacies in health, paradigms that should be changed, and history and biochemistry that might help many others become healthier. Those around Rachel have encouraged her to pursue her passions in health and wellness. Throughout the process of creating her own health information and assistance business and blog, Rachel has also been encouraged by the community members. Check her out at her website!
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1 Response to Metal Music and Nutrition/Fitness…did you know?

  1. Charlene says:

    What a fun blog today, Rachel. You know my passions and you know a lot of my favorite music, but for everyone else I’ll share. My passions are scrapbooking and genealogy and my children and grandchildren. My music is varied: Celtic, The Beatles, 60’s music in general and 40’s Big Band Music. Oh, and John Denver. My “song”? hmmm..too many to pick one, I think. Depends on my mood!

    I hope the rest of you will share!

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