The “Magic Pill” for Curing and Obtaining Control of Type II Diabetes is….

not real!

But seriously, people. Are you interested in how you might “cure” or control for your diabetes? Let me help you out! Now, this won’t be a list, but it may well open you up to the idea that healthy choices do not have to be boring and non-rewarding! Those with Type II Diabetes Mellitus might want to really pay attention to some of the references I have listed. Some might contain difficult language, but that is why I am writing this blog…to help you understand what they say.

Here’s the rub:

First, a high-carb, low-fat diet will NOT assist you in your quest to be T2DM-free. Carbohydrates essentially turn to sugar in the blood…that means that they give you exactly what you do not need!

Second, the body does not work in such a way that it stores fat as fat…rather, it stores sugar as fat…this does not mean it is just storing that white powder or corn syrup as fat…rather, it means that the glucose contained in carbohydrates (along with those previously mentioned…you know, the corn syrup, the fructose, and the sucrose) is also being contained as FAT! This is a very simple explanation that really can get complicated. In fact, much of the sugars in carbohydrates lack the fibers that should be there to help the body control this complicated process (Sisson, 2010)…but I’m getting a bit ahead of the curve here…let me backtrack a bit first…

Ok, so we know that carbohydrates (carbs) turn to glucose, right…so what?

Well, glucose  is a sugar and, in large amounts, a toxin unless it is burned in the cells(Sisson, 2010). Because the body evolved to survive during famine or hunger-type states, the body stores this sugar to use as fuel in those times of need (Sisson, 2010). Instead of releasing it into the bloodstream, the body stores it in cells (Sisson, 2010). This is stored as glycogen by the liver and muscles (Sisson, 2010). Suddenly, after eating, the pancreas senses this large amount of glucose in the blood and sends out the insulin “guardians”. These guardians have the job of allowing fats, amino acids, and glucose to enter the gates of the kingdom…essentially the kindom of muscles and liver cells.

Now, the thing is…the kindom of muscles and liver cells in an inactive person has one area that is full….so what happens?

Well, glucose gets converted…to saturated fat (Sisson, 2010).

See, those nutrients are stored for famine…because we have not always had mass access to the food king as we do now.

Sooo…what happens when a new glycogen tries to move in to an already crowded kingdom? Yes, the others fight back. What is the first defence? Yes, the insulin guardians! So these guys say, “Hey, there’s some new sugar trying to move in here! What now?” and the kingdom says “Uh, no way, Jose!” So, the areas where the glucose can be allowed into the kingdom become limited. Therefore, the glucose stays outside the gates…in the bloodstream. This causes a problem, though. Now the pancreas is noticing how many glucose are still floating around outside the muscle and liver cell kingdom. It thinks there is a need for more guardians for the kingdom…so it sends out more insulin guardians. Now, there is a full-on battle going on all due to a miscommunication (isn’t it always)…See, the guardians are trying to say “Hey, we’re full up. Go somewhere else.” The kingdom is saying “Get away now! Why are you fighting! We will not allow you!” but the pancreas thinks the glucose are just attacking and getting through…so it sends more guardians, which causes more resistance, which becomes toxic! Finally, the insulin guardians come to a conclusion…they realize that the glucose can go to a camp just inside the kingdom and be stored there for emergency. This compromise begets the storage of sugar in fat cells…hence, sugar is stored as fat! Get it?

Ok…now if we break this down, it looks like this:

Man eats glucose-loaded carbohydrates (a macronutrient of over-consumption).

Glucose knocks on the kingdom gates.

Kingdom says “, we’re full”

Glucose sits there outside the gates

Insulin is sent to protect the kingdom.

Pancreas thinks the insulin is having a hard time so sends back-up.

Back-up creates more communication mishaps.

Finally, insulin decides the glucose can be stored in fat cells.

More carbs are consumed, and cycle is repeated…causing overcrowding over and over again.

Insulin resistance occurs.

Overcrowding in the cells creates more havoc within the kingdom.

Pollution becomes a problem inside and out of the kingdom and cells.

Muscle kingdom does not get any necessary glycogen due to resistance.

Insulin inhibits lipase (fat-burning enzyme) (Sisson, 2010).

Since Sir Lipase is not working at full capacity, he cannot help burn fat.

The cells of fat become resistant to themselves!

Pancreas thinks more warriors are needed since the other insulin cannot win.

More insulin is sent…and the kingdom becomes toxic.

There is a build-up in the arterie halls of the kingdom.

Other nutrients cannot enter the kingdom anymore because it is all out war! This means amino acids (the great facilitators of the kingdom) cannot even get in!

Now, the rest of the kingdom thinks that there is a famine, so they cannibalize (Sisson, 2010…sort of).

Since the cannibalization happens, the muscle kingdom goes slowly away.

Now, there is less energy in the kingdom.

This makes the inhabitors hungry for more…so they send signals to get more carbs…and when the carbs come a knockin….


The Ultimate King Liver is affected…it is now resistant to it all. It is “fed” or “un-fed” up! It can no longer regulate the T4 magician into the T3 magician…and now…thyroid is affected!

Mr. Thyroid then says, “Hey, uh, metabolism…I’m not seeing T3, you had better slow down!”

So…yes, metabolism slows down.

Huhhh…the battle continues…those darn glucose and other sugars begin to exhaust and destroy the entire kingdom…from gate to point! The nerve gates get damaged and can’t feel or experience phantom pains…the retinol gates hurt and eyesight is dimenished…and finally…King Pancreas gives up! He is exhausted. He just stops sending the insulin warriors and can’t do it anymore…now, you have to inject new ones to help him…and that, my friends, is T1DM!

Thanks to Mark Sisson for his wonderful blog on this process!

Here are some important links!


Doug. (2011). Is paleo eating the cure for diabetes?. Retrieved from

Sisson, M. (2010, June 27). The definitive guide to insulin, blood sugar, & type 2 diabetes (and you’ll understand it). Retrieved from

Also check out this awesome blog:

Hope this made sense and you enjoyed it!

Have a healthy day!


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  1. Charlene says:

    Ha ha…leave it to Rachel to make a health blog read like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table! Love it!

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