He Said, She Said – Meat and Sweet

I was listening to a podcast on Jimmy Moore’s “Livin’ La Vida Low Carb” today. It was an interview with another one of my favorite podcasters named Angelo Coppola of the former “This Week in Paleo” podcast and the now “Latest in Paleo” podcast on 5 by 5.

Anyway, I love listening to both of these guys. Jimmy has some very entertaining interviews on his podcast, and Angelo…well, Angelo is amazing at really putting the week’s health and Paleo news into simple-to-understand and entertaining podcasts!

So, the interview of Angelo by Jimmy was awesome, and it made me think about some of my own personal ideas and challenges with lifestyle changes. Here is what I came up with!

I thought I would do this in a “He Said, She Said” manner…because, well, that is actually similar to how it went down!

He said: “So you are going to just eat like a caveman?”

She said: “Well, yes, as much as I can.” (Plain and simple, that means whole foods as often as I can, including things like grass-fed animal products, saturated fats, leafy green vegetables, some nuts and berries, and no processed foods or artificial sweeteners. Limits on the fruits. No HFCS).

He said: “All the stuff I eat tastes good, and all the stuff you eat is gross”

She said: “You are under the impression that healthy whole foods taste bad, but really, more times than not, people taste a well-cooked meal of whole foods and they love it. Just because it has been something you haven’t eaten in the past or have thought was gross, does not mean it really is. You just have to either not know what it is or taste it cooked in an awesome manner.”

He said: “Yeah, but those things are goooood (those things are high-carb, processed foods such as cereal or sugary foods and beverages like candy, desserts, or sweet tea).”

She said: “Well, of course they are. They are addictive. Any addict will tell you that the drug of choice is goooood. I am not denying they have tasted good to me in the past, but I am not craving that anymore for a reason. I stopped eating it and feel great. It doesn’t even interest me. There are some treats I prefer now that do not contain fructose, sugar, or added chemicals. They are natural, sweet, and yummy. Besides, you can substitute. I have no problem with some low-carb, stevia sweetened things. They taste better to me and make me feel 100% better than being addicted to crap.”

He said: “I wish they would change the food labels to tell you the Glycemic Load/Glycemic Index instead of just putting the calories and other things. I mean, why is it that you can eat something like bread and it has no sugar but it makes the blood sugar go up still?”

She said: “Because carbs are essentially sugar in your system. The more refined it is, the higher the spike. The more carbs, the higher the spike.”

He said: “What exactly is a carb? Why is it so bad for diabetics?”

She said: “That’s complicated. Essentially, carbs are a form of macronutrient fuel your body can use…especially the brain; however, your body can produce them to run off of fat. In today’s society, we get carb-overload. We eat way too many refined carbs, so our bodies choose to use that first and store everything else. Hence, well, we get fat and diabetic. Well, that’s at least a small piece of it, to my understanding.”

He said: “Basically, our brains use carbs that we already produce. Today, we eat way too many carbs and our bodies can’t handle it.”

His friend said: I don’t know…I didn’t hear the response…sorry!

He said: “I can’t believe you are eating beef now!”

She said: “Only grass-fed. I don’t want to test the corn-fed, processed crap if I can help it!”

He said: “I have cut out cereal, which I love and have always eaten! I have cut out bread!”

She said: “He is soooooo amazing! He really does understand! He is the most amazing guy in the world…who else would go to such lengths!”

I hope you enjoyed this! Bob, I love you!!!! I truly mean you are amazing!

These were my thoughts, brought up by those two cool podcasters I mentioned earlier. They were discussing whether or not it is good for the Paleo community to be related to “the caveman.” My point to that is that it gets the conversation going, and there is no shame in saying you eat real food, not processed crap…so yeah…I eat like a caveman and I’m proud of it! Bet I’m healthier in body and mind for it too! (oh, and a great side-effect: the awesome physique!)

Thanks and have a healthy day!


OH, OH! And stick around the blog for a very personal post about the idea that a ketogenic (low-carb, paleo…often) diet and how this might affect bipolar disorder! I’m finding some very interesting and controversial stuff on this! I already know that there are highly effective holistic and herbal treatments for this mental disorder…but there may even be some suggestions that the same ketogenic diets that work on epilepsy can work on bipolar…hmmmm…interesting!

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  1. alternefit says:

    Oh, and by the way, I admit I am not that well-versed in cooking and not a very good cook…especially of beef…because I haven’t ever really cooked it before; but I think I will get better as I go along. I do like what I cook, but some people need more flavor or juices…so I hope to be able to hone this. Like Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness…”Rachel CAN’T cook…yet…” but…”Rachel CAN cook…soon!”

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