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Rachel Flowers is an advocate for healthy living through education and lifestyle changes. She has a BA in psychology, an MA in teaching and education, an AAS in graphic design, and is pursuing her BS in health and wellness. Rachel is also working toward her FDN certification, a C.H.E.K. certification, and a CFN certification. In her quest to get herself and others around her healthy, Rachel has found that she can use her writing and technical abilities to spread the word regarding whole health and wellness, truths versus fallacies in health, paradigms that should be changed, and history and biochemistry that might help many others become healthier. Those around Rachel have encouraged her to pursue her passions in health and wellness. Throughout the process of creating her own health information and assistance business and blog, Rachel has also been encouraged by the community members. Check her out at her website!

KASANDRINOS GIVEAWAYS!!!! Also, I’ll post a new blog this weekend!

Hey all, I wanted to post this up for my readers! Because it is Greek Easter and Cinco de Mayo, my friends at Kasandrinos International are offering some amazing things! All you have to do is subscribe to their mailing … Continue reading

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Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends Episode #79

Hi everyone! Check out the latest episode of Low Carb Conversations to hear me talk with some good friends about the health topics of the day! This is a great episode! One controversial article we discuss actually suggests that older … Continue reading

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Treat Those Seasonal Allergies Naturally

If there’s anything that I am all to familiar with, it’s seasonal allergies. I have suffered from both hay fever and winter mold allergies. This constant barrage of problems has led me to seek out all kinds of allergy remedies … Continue reading

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Cold or Flu? Prevent and/or Heal Naturally

It’s that time of year: the time when people start waking up with sniffles or head congestion: Cold and Flu season! So, what can we do to prevent this, or, in the case that you may already be coming down … Continue reading

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What Will I do Without Such an Active Job?

Hello there everyone! Long time, no post! I am back, though, and I ‘m hoping to reach more and more of you everyday!  As many of you know, I recently lost my job. This economy has not bode my former … Continue reading

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New Stuff Coming Soon…I Hope!

Hey all! Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while now! I know…I’m slacking! But, really, I have been soooooo busy lately. There is a lot going on during this busy summer season! I did go to PaleoFX, and … Continue reading

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PaleoFX Partners is proud to announce the inaugural PaleoFX Symposium in Austin, TX, March 14-17.

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to pop by to remind you that PaleoFX is almost here! It should be an exciting and fun time! Are you interested in learning more about it? Here’s the scoop! What is PaleoFX? PaleoFX is the … Continue reading

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway … Continue reading

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All About Sweeteners

Hello all! Well, in honor of Sugar Addiction Awareness Day, I have joined a chorus of voices who are speaking on sugar and its dangers. On this blog, I decided to discuss sugar as well as other various sweeteners. I … Continue reading

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HealthWatch: Doctors Warming To Caveman Diet Trend « CBS San Francisco

            Check it out everyone! Positive Paleo Press!!!! HealthWatch: Doctors Warming To Caveman Diet Trend « CBS San Francisco.

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