Picky Eaters: Can I Get Them to Eat?

Greetings friends!

Lately, I have seen many questions regarding how to get picky eaters around them to eat new foods or foods the picky eater refuses to touch. Well, I can tell you that I do have my own personal experience with this. I suspect my own wonderful husband is a ‘super-taster’ (meaning, essentially, extra taste buds on the tongue), so he tends to be a pretty picky eater! Since this is a hot question, I thought I’d do a blog post that included tips for introducing new varieties to those picky eaters in our lives! I’m also going to give some possible explanations into reasons for picky eating!

First, let’s talk about reasons some may be picky eaters. This will not cover the entire spectrum of reasons (there could be any number of them out there, for we are all individuals in our own rights), but it could help narrow down possibilities that would help get friends and families adjusted to new foods!

1. Super-tasters: As I mentioned about my husband, one reason for picky eating could be that the person is a super-taster. These are people who are generally much more sensitive to bitter tastes and fattiness in foods (a.k.a.: umami taste) (Vacca Foeda, 2010). To explain a bit more, most researchers believe in the ability of the tongue to have 5 basic tastes. These are:

a. Bitter

b. Salty

c. Sour

d. Sweet

e. Umami (fatty/savory) (Ikeda, K. shortened by Ogiwara, Y, & Ninomiya, Y, 2002)

Super-tasters tend to be especially sensitive to foods that are considered bitter or umami (Wikipedia.org, 2011). These would be things such as coffee, dark chocolate, broccoli, fat on meats, or meat broths. Such people may often not want to eat these and other bitter or umami-tasting foods. I don’t have any citations for this next piece, but I have also heard that super-tasters may also enjoy the sweet tastes, and be more partial to bland and sweet foods (although, there have been other reports and opinions on this). So as not to make a whole blog out of this, I have included some various references at the end of this blog that will give you more information on this subject, as well as sources for testing and understanding super-tasters.

2. Autism and Neurological Dysfunction: This one was pointed out by one of my IPMG friends. She stated that scrawny and picky might be one sign of Autism (this includes Aspbergers). Since texture has a big part in such dysfunctions, there could be a chance of these being the issue. Check out this test and site for more on this: http://school.familyeducation.com/learning-disabilities/behavior/56323.html

3. Food Intolerance and Allergies: Sometimes people do not realize that there might be a food intolerance or allergy in someone who does not like certain foods. This could be particularly true of wheat, dairy, or other common allergenic foods. In this case, you might try getting a full spectrum allergy test done. Another good way of determining this would be to ask the person whether these foods hurt him or her when he or she eats them. If so, allow that person to avoid them, and work with some of the alternatives I will list in the sections below. This might be especially positive when it comes to some of those foods we do not realize are toxic to most people.

4. Neophobia: This is a fear of the unknown or new. Often characterized in children after the age of 2 (a common time of weaning off of breast-feeding in many traditions), neophobia can manifest as picky eating at any age, really. A person with this issue could either not want to try new foods or just flat-out deny them (Wickford, 2011). It is almost like a fight or flight response for many. The idea is that these foods are unfamiliar therefore, may not be safe (Bainbridge, n. d.). Some experts in psychology believe that neophobia can manifest due to frightening or unpleasant situations regarding food as well (Wickford, 2011). Others believe that the cause can be both genetic and environmental (Wickford, 2011).

5. Growth: Many people see picky eating in the pre-teen and teen years. This is a common response of growth, in both physical and mental capacities. If this is the case, the person may only choose to eat foods that are comfortable or ‘cool’ to eat. In this case, it may just take working with the person to find reasoning and sensibility for why such foods are desired and what could be done to add in new foods.

6. Texture: Texture is often an issue for many picky eaters. Many of us might remember disliking certain foods at different times in our lives. While texture is very common in neurological dysfunctions (see above), it can also be a standard personal issue. I remember hating mushrooms as a youth. I also remember my brother hated tomatoes. Now, I enjoy many varieties of mushrooms (although the first time I decided to try them as I got older, I do remember being squeamish at the texture…but I got over it). I’m not sure if my brother does tomatoes or not now, but I have heard that these two foods are common dislikes of picky eaters.

7. Check the Gut: Some people tend to avoid foods because they may have bad experiences digestive-wise with them. This could be a sign of leaky gut or other intestinal/gut issues. One important thing to do in this case is talk to the picky eater about how this food makes him or her feel. Another is to get the picky eater tested. You can do that through the mail from Entero Labs here: http://www.enterolab.com/Default.aspx or at a lab near you!

So, what can you do if you have a picky eater? I think the first step is to find out why the person might be avoiding certain foods or just eating others. Once this determination is made, here are some suggestions.

If you know that your picky eater has no allergies or other health problems regarding foods, you can help him or her begin to try new foods. I would still recommend avoiding wheat (see references to Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly book for more on this) and other foods with anti-nutrients (legumes, other grains). Otherwise, here are some common ways to help a picky eater not be so picky (and if the picky eater is scrawny, adding these suggestions into the diet might help grow the body as well):

1. Try sauteing veggies: By sauteing things, commonly the texture and taste will change. You can even saute in real butter and preferable spices to help the veggies take on the flavor of the butter and spices. You can also saute the veggies in bacon fat or grease. This adds a nice flavor and gives them necessary added fat. Just DON’T use those nasty hydrogenated seed or vegetable oils. Those are highly processed garbage. They take away the nutrition of the meal!

2. Add Bacon or other fatty, good meats: This also adds to the flavor of veggies and adds the required good fats to the meal. You can saute, steam, boil, or bake veggies and add the browned or cooked up meats to them during or after making (during is the best for more flavor, in my opinion).

3. Try “hiding” the veggies within the tasty foods: For example, you could make a meatloaf (sans wheat, please) and add spinach in it. This can mask the flavor and/or texture of the added ingredient. You can also puree various foods into other foods so that they won’t be noticed. This is commonly done for stuff like liver or other organ meats (a food many people are not a fan of, but one that is one of the top nutritious foods we can eat).

5. Roast the food: This can go for veggies and meat. You can roast it with lots of butter or other good fats. It can change the flavor and texture of veggies and meats completely!

6. Wrap other foods in bacon: Many people love bacon, and it is good for you. Try utilizing that! You can wrap all kinds of foods in bacon and grill them or bake them to tastiness!

7. Link foods to interests: This one mainly applies to kids, but you can make various foods into shapes via cookie cutters. This could be meat, veggies, or both. Sometimes, the idea of playing with the food might be okay (as long as you don’t buy the processed garbage and you don’t do it with every food, I think this is fine).

8. Give it time: Sometimes you just have to give it time. As palates change, a taste for different foods and a lack of desire for other foods might occur. Tastes change as we change our eating styles. When one is used to thinking ‘crap’ tastes good, the real foods might not be so palatable…this WILL change. It’s essentially a re-training of the taste-buds (in the mouth and in the gut)!

9. Make it together: Sometimes inclusion really helps people open up to new foods. If a child or other picky eater is asked to be involved in the process, it might get the juices flowing (in the mouth as well as in the head)! You might find that by including the picky eater in the preparation, that person will feel more interested and proud in the partaking of the meal as well!

I hope that many of you can use some of the above information and suggestions. In the references below, I am including some sites with great, healthy recipes that might be good to introduce to picky eaters!

Until next time, have a healthy day!



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Vacca Foeda. (2010). How to tell if you are a supertaster. Retrieved from http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/06/how-to-tell-if-you-are-a-supertaster/

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Props go out to the following IPMG Tribe Members:

Cranky Coils

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and finally, here are some wonderful cooking sites that can help you with your picky eaters (nice recipes and advice):












There are many, many more that you can link to throughout my blog as well as from the other blogs I’ve listed here! That should be enough for you for a while…right? Have fun! I know I do with these great sites!

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A Brief Reference to Great Information for the Thyroid…

Hi all,

I was going to do an in depth post on thyroid issues because many have been asking me about them, but during my research I realized that there is one person out there that I should lead you to instead: Chris Kresser. I have to tell you, Chris is amazing! He has such a detailed understanding and wonderful explanation of the common questions regarding thyroid issues.After reading all of his thyroid posts, I decided to give you the link to all of his articles on it instead of trying to rehash it. He does such an excellent job that I think it is important that you all check it out. Once you do that, we could discuss more if you would like. Just comment and let me know! Here is the MUST READ by Chris Kresser:


Just keep clicking all the links on the bottom of the post to keep learning more! As you do, let me know if you have questions!

I will do a deeper post on this if it is not enough to read his…Just let me know that too!

Thanks and have a healthy day!


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A Healthy Lifestyle Choice Vs. Melina Bars…CNN got it WRONG with this “Expert!

Melina Bars are the terrible, processed food offered by a CNN "expert"! Don't fall for it!

Hello Everyone,

Well, as has previously happened, the Paleo “diet” has landed in a health “news” article. This time the culprit was Dr. Melina Jampolis on CNN Health. In a sad case of SAD diet advice (most likely bought and paid for), the “Is the Paleo diet healthy” article run on CNN Health and discussed by “expert” Dr. Melina Jampolis not only missed the mark…it made no sense! Yes, I am a Paleo lifestyler. I believe in the Paleo/Primal ways of life. What these are might be a bit different per person, but they are generally backed by science…basic science such as endocrinology, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology. It only takes one trip into these sciences to realize the basics: food affects the body in a variety of ways, the body is a complicated place, and there is a lot to understanding how the external affects the internal. One thing seems for sure to me: eating REAL, WHOLE, UNPROCESSED foods in a fashion that satisfies and fulfills much of the body is much healthier than eating some processed crap created by chemists in labs or buying such things from so-called experts who offer their own SAD brands and prescribe poor advice along with their expensive services!

Where is all of this coming from and where is it headed, you might ask. Good questions! As I said earlier, there was an article in CNN Health written by this so-called “expert.” It wasn’t as much of an article as it was an “expert” answer to an important question. The basic gist of it was that the girl writing in was obese and trying to lose weight. She wanted to know if the Paleo diet was a healthy lifestyle change “despite the promotion of saturated fat and cholesterol.” The response was incredibly sickening to many people, including me. In fact, not only was this Dr. Melina Jampolis’ response mis-guided, but it was also closed-minded and confusing. This CNN “expert started out answering the question by applauding the questioner for staying away from “fad diets.” While the Paleo lifestyle has gained momentum recently, I wouldn’t say that it is a “fad diet.” How can a way of eating that is based on the body’s needs throughout history be a “fad”? How can eating for optimal growth, as has been successful in our evolutionary past be a “fad”? How exactly can eating as history and science have shown us works well for human beings be a “fad”? I see a problem here. By definition, a fad is ” a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal; craze” (Merriam-Webster Incorporated,  2011), and the definition of a fad diet is “a weight loss diet that becomes very popular (often quickly) and then may fall out of favor (sometimes just as quickly)” (Everydiet.org, 2004). What is the problem when calling Paleo a “fad”? Well, Paleo is short for Paleolithic, which is an era that consists of a long period of time. It is a period of human pre-history beginning at least 2.6 million years ago and continuing up to at least the development of agriculture c. 10,000 BC (Conjecture Corporation, 2003-2011). The idea behind the Paleo lifestyle (considered a “fad diet” by this so-called CNN expert) is that we humans have evolved from these ancestors. This evolution created a system of processes in the body that were designed to help us survive…and survive we have. For thousands of years we survived by moving specific ways, eating a variety of natural foods, and growing our bodies through such processes. With the advent of industry within agriculture, we began to notice problems. Health issues became more prevalent. At the time we may not have understood the processes of the body or the reasons these things were beginning to crop up; however, history shows us that something happened to cause more problems. The subject of just what has been hotly debated, but, to me, one thing is certain: illness shows up when processing and toxins used as foods show up. Science of the body shows that many people tend to have problems with certain foods and so-called foods. More disease and chronic illness occurs now than ever before…and it is on the rise. We no longer, as a society, promote eating as our ancestors ate. Our society tends to support money before it promotes healthy living. Well, I have seen the other side, folks, and I can tell you that our Paleolithic ancestors seem to me to have the right idea…eat whole, real, unprocessed foods. Eliminate those things that just aren’t viable or reasonable in the human system. That includes grains and legumes, in my opinion. Why is this? Well, have you ever tried to just pick a piece of wheat or a bean and eat it right there? I have, and I can tell you that I couldn’t even keep it in my mouth without having issues, let alone imagine what it would do inside my body. Now, have you ever picked something like lettuce or eaten raw meat? Again, I have, and it was much more palatable. I could see it being feasible food for my ancestors.

But, I digress…

On to more of this CNN article and this so-called “expert” who has chosen to ignore the science and confuse people.

Dr. Melina Jampolis goes on to tell this person information that was obviously not researched well at all. She seems to believe that the Paleo lifestyle is a high-protein diet that excludes several foods. Yes, the Paleo community generally does promote avoiding grains, legumes, processed foods (including processed oils), and potatoes. My problem with her response here is that she got it wrong in two places. It is not high-protein and it does not necessarily exclude sweet potatoes (which she states in parentheses in her response). If you are a reader of my blog, you might know that I am a fan of raw dairy for some and that I do occasionally eat a sweet potato. I have no problem with these things as long as they do not appear to be food sensitivities to the person consuming them. Also, you will realize that I do not promote high-protein; rather, I feel a Paleo lifestyle is more about eating whole, unprocessed, real foods and not fearing the good fats! That is the key. Fat from avocados, coconuts, animal sources, and olives are not unhealthy fats and they will not make you fat…body sciences show this well. So, this “expert” got her message mixed up, possibly because she did not fully research the lifestyle before attacking in her response.

I do have to give this woman a bit of credit for stating that sugar and refined grains can cause obesity and a host of other issues. Kudos for putting that in, as many other “experts” would not even go that far. But, with that said, I think she screwed up terribly with her cons and overall response.

In her cons, she states that typical OLD and WASHED UP response about saturated fat and cholesterol…further propagating the false “wisdom” put forth just 40 or 50 years ago due to money and fear. If the research an “expert” relies on is outdated, the advice may well be too…and we see that here. There have been any number of studies regarding the falsity of the saturated fat and cholesterol myths (for more, do a search on this blog for these subjects or visit any number of research sites such as Pubmed or others referenced throughout my many blog posts). The outdated response relating these foods to cancer and other diseases shows how much this “expert” researches on her own. So, basically, you can see from her response that Dr. Melina Jampolis does not tend to research well for her responses. I certainly wouldn’t want a doctor telling me how to live if she doesn’t continue to learn through her life, would you?

So, this CNN “expert” has already proven herself as a person who does not do her research, subscribes to old ideas, and keeps the population in the dark and unhealthy. She has told this person who needs help to avoid a lifestyle that encourages eating REAL, WHOLE, UNPROCESSED foods, and she even adds that one of the reasons this should be avoided is because it is expensive! Are you kidding me?! Last time I checked being unhealthy and having to go to the doctor who prescribes medications for symptoms that one would have to take for life because the lifestyle was not fixed is EXTREMELY expensive! Hmm, pay a cent or two more for grass-fed and pastured meats and eggs and organic veggies from local farms and ranches (hence also supporting my own neighborhood) or eat crap and pay a rich doctor to get richer while I get sicker…which option would I recommend? That answer is obvious…I choose my health…I choose my community….I choose happy animals with good lives…I choose freedom from drugs and disease.

Finally, I need to bring your attention to something one more time. I have said before that we need to follow the money with our choices and beliefs. This is no different. Sometimes you may not realize that these “experts” recruited by corporations and media sources often have another agenda. Rather than being proponents for your health, they are more proponents for their own pocketbooks. Dr. Melina Jampolis is no different. This lady actually sells her own terrible version of protein bars. I have to say, these bars have a long, strange ingredient list. They are definitely not made of whole, real, healthy foods. Some of the things in them don’t make sense as ingredients for a “healthy” bar. The above picture is a screen-shot of these bars. I have highlighted strange things in these ingredients. These are certainly questionable in my book! They are things that show me that this “expert” does have an agenda in her responses…and that agenda does not include healthy living for you!

One final thought: In trying to debate openly with this “expert” through the CNN blog, my comments were denied. I was blocked by her on Facebook, as were many of my healthy living advocates in the Paleo community. Even those who gave her research links were put down and denied by her. Someone that is not open to debate, research, and conversation with those whose opinions differ is not someone I would want as my “expert” or doctor, would you?

Dr. Melina Jampolis and CNN, I have this to say: FAILEO! Start researching, listening, and learning with an open mind and health in mind rather than your own bottom line and then you can be called an expert! Until then, you are just a paid lackey for Big Agri, Big Business, Big Pharma, and Big Brother…I see you as not concerned about the health and well-being of mankind…and only concerned for the health of your own bank accounts!

Readers: BUYER BEWARE! Keep your life in mind! Remember to question and learn all you can…look at the science and consider the history. You will be healthy, wealthy, and wise for it!

Have a healthy day!


References and thanks:

Conjecture Corporation. (2003-2011). What is the Paleolithic era? Retrieved from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-paleolithic-era.htm

Everydiet.org. (2004). Fad diets. Retrieved from http://www.everydiet.org/fad_diets.htm

Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. (2011). Definition: Fad. Retrieved from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fad

I’d like to send a big thank you to my Paleo peeps! You all are amazing and supportive! May we heal even more!

People to look up:

Karen Pendergrass: Paleo Approved: http://paleoapproved.com/wordpress/about-us

Tim Swart: Big Tim’s Primal Journey: http://bigtimsprimaljourney.wordpress.com/

Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution: http://robbwolf.com/

There are tons more to visit as well. If you want more info, let me know! We love to help!


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Film Buff Turns Passion For Movie Cars Into A Business



Film Buff Turns Passion For Movie Cars Into A Business.

It may not be health and wellness related, but this is a segment on my hubby that just aired on CBS News at 10!!!! Cool!

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Back To School Foods

Hey Everyone!

Today is August 23, 2011. I am not sure if the many elementary schools, middle schools, junior highs, and high schools around your area have started back for the new year, but here in Dallas the first day of the new school year was yesterday. In honor of all the parents, teachers, families, administrators, and children out there, I thought I would do a helpful, healthful eating post! While I don’t have school-age children, I would like to suggest some ideas for healthy and happy school days! The idea is to help get our children into a spot of better health and happiness. In turn, we should have a healthier, happier world in the long run! So, without further ado:

Suggestions for a healthy start:

Breakfast can often be a rushed time during the school year. While weekend breakfasts might focus more on eggs and bacon (a healthy breakfast for all), some parents might like to know some quick breakfast options to help their kids start the school day off right. Here are some ideas:

1. Hard-boil some eggs the night before. Peel them and pack them up in individual baggies. I often put in two per baggie. This is a start. You can add some jerky if you have it on hand. It is a great, quick, healthy breakfast that will give your kids a jump-start on the day!

2. Do your kids like cereal? Get them off of the cereal by making a healthier treat! Try putting together some individual berry and coconut milk cups. Using a lidded container, mix up some raw nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamias, walnuts, or pecans) and coconut flakes. In the morning, add some seasonal fruit. Mix this with a cup of coconut milk (in the can or homemade, preferably), and you have a great cereal substitute that is ten times better for your children’s health!

Lunch during the school year can also be challenging. Some simple suggestions are as follows:

1. Pack a healthy lunch for your kids and yourself! While there are many choices available these days, options for healthy living can be challenging. If you take the time to prepare lunches the night before, kids will reap the benefits and so will you! Some options for healthy lunches include left-overs from the night before, hard-boiled eggs, and a variety of veggies.

2. Options to avoid the typical sandwich might be lettuce wraps or special home-made ‘breads’ like the almond muffins I have a recipe for in another blog here: https://alternefit.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/here-is-your-spot-to-share-healthy-recipes/

3. Options to replace those unhealthy, processed foods that are often served in school lunchrooms include things like those left-overs made at home the night before and nitrate- and nitrite-free lunch meats (wait for it….) bacon!

For snacks, a parent might pack some beef jerky (preferably home-made), dried fruits, seeds, nuts, or home-made pork skins. if that is not an option, there are some great resources for pre-packed “Paleo” snacks that include similar options. One thing I have recently done is to take unsweetened coconut flakes, a bit of water, some ground nuts, and a few berries (blueberries and strawberries are my favorites) and put them in a baggie. Then, I smoosh them with my hands until the coconut compacts and creates a bar. This is a very tasty and filling treat! Another idea that kids might enjoy would be to do this with some dark chocolate mixed in. Just shave the chocolate square into the mix and smoosh! Now you have a much healthier version of a candy bar!

Dinners are an important part of the school year. These can be times when parents and children catch up! Try to make dinners at home. Fresh ingredients are always a best choice! I like to make different recipes on Sundays just in case I don’t feel like cooking during the week. This might be a handy idea for those working families with very busy lives. That way, you can just heat it up and have a nice family dinner. Sit at the table with your kids and enjoy those wonderful mealtimes! It is important for all!

Finally, I did want to throw out some suggestions regarding school time activities and sleep. I know these are not foods, but they are just as important to a kid’s and family’s well-being. Make sure you start the day with one of those nice breakfasts I mentioned above, give the kids (and even yourself) every opportunity to have healthy snacks and lunches when away, and join together to cook and have healthy family meals….but don’t forget to have some play time! Outside play time is a great idea for kids and adults! Just a bit of time in the sun will do a world of good. Don’t slather on the sunscreen right away, either. Enjoy the sun while you can. Get that vitamin D! Then, nearing bed-time, take some time to wind down. It might be a good opportunity to read together. Turn off the TV and other distractions, lay down in a family snuggle, and tell stories! This is how I grew up…and it really is one of the best memories of my childhood! I remember my parents reading to my brother and me. We often had back-scratching, story telling sessions that were awesome! It is relaxing, and does help relieve stress! Give it a try!

Well, I do hope this post has helped give some direction for the new school year! Make it a healthy one!

Until next time, folks! Have a healthy day!


For more healthy Paleo Parenting tips, see the following sites:





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What is Paleo…Really?

Hi all,

Since the recent Ancestral Health Symposium just happened, there has been an influx of conversation about what ‘Paleo’ really is and what we should do. There has also been some discussion about the ‘proof’ anyone has when it comes to nutrition. This seems to have led to many debates: the science debates, the historical debates, and even the debates about who is ‘really’ doing Paleo and who is ‘not.’

Silly, I tell you! Silly!

Why do I say that? Well, I personally feel that Chris Kresser had it when he wrote a blog about the “Paleo Template.” What a great idea! My friends on Low Carb Conversations and I discussed this for episode 20 of that podcast. My opinion: I subscribe to it wholeheartedly! There are many ways people take the ‘Paleo’ message, and many ways of life. We are all individuals with different bodies, lives, and aspects…so why say that EVERYONE should do ONLY this or ONLY that? I am a firm advocate for individual choice (An it harm none, do what thou wilt), and with that belief comes the understanding that each person views his or her own world in his or her own light. I also accept the responsibility that comes with my choices and advocations. With that being said, I do believe that there is no such thing as ‘Perfect Paleo.’ How can there be? We don’t have enough knowledge about the era to truly KNOW it, let alone live it today. I also understand that cultures and lives vary today as they may well have in the past. This can make for some differences, in my opinion. Let’s look at it this way: We don’t all find that low-fat or SAD diets work for EVERYONE, right? Why would we say that ours does? It just can’t be factually said without debate and success stories in many aspects. I honestly don’t believe that there is a SINGLE DIET for EVERYONE. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am of the belief that there are certain things one can do to help one stay healthy and THRIVE; however, what is right for one may not be right for another (one man’s trash kinda deal, right). My own beliefs and experiences have led me toward discussions more on the Paleo/Primal/Low-Carb front. Ultimately, I think these are generally lifestyles that push people toward real, whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods. THAT is important to me. I believe that such foods have a HUGE impact on our well-beings (whole and separate). I have seen it, experienced it, and felt it. BUT, I am open and willing to work with those who choose other things.

Science is a fascinating thing. It is something that really varies…some of the sciences have some strong data and correlations that hold true. Others can vary. I look at nutrition sciences as one of those great mysteries of life. While we know a good deal about biology, anatomy, biochemistry, and human physiology, we still do not know for sure how everything works. Science (and in particular, nutrition science), is one of those things that needs wording like ‘sometimes,’ ‘for some people,’ ‘in this case,’ and ‘most likely.’ Maybe one day we might not have to say that, but so far…well…

Anyway, I am personally dedicated to getting more people to eat real, whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods if they so choose. I believe that is the ultimate message of ‘Paleo.’ To me, it is not about following a way of living that emulates cavemen and women. While that is a catchy way to introduce people that I have absolutely embraced, I don’t think our lives could truly emulate this in real life. We can choose to eat better ingredients. We can choose to live with less physical, mental, and emotional stress. We can get more sleep. We can listen to our bodies. We can do N=1 experiments so we find what works for us and what does not…and that, to me is living healthfully. I think Paleo is about healthy living…choosing that way of life that helps us THRIVE. Emulations, no. Personal health and success: yes! Trust me, I don’t think we all need to go out and find caves, get rid of our refrigerators and stoves, or anything else. I just think we should try to live as healthfully and ‘sustainably’ as we can…for ourselves, our world, and our planet!

One last thought: While you may have a different idea about this than I, and while you might not agree with me, I support you. I find that we should each support one another in order to spread the word and grow this way of life that is bound to be more healthy and freeing for our world, planet, and fellow man!

Thanks and have a healthy day!


My inspirations for this were as follows:

Mark Sisson: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/

Mat LaLonde: http://podiumlive.com/crossfit/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=12

Robb Wolf: http://robbwolf.com/

Chris Kresser: http://chriskresser.com/

Misty Humphrey: http://www.free-healthy-diet-plans.com/about-me.html (You rule, sistah!)

Jimmy Moore: http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com/

Mindy Noxon Iannotti: http://minthickandthin.com/

AHS 11: http://ancestryfoundation.org/

and finally…to all my friends in the IPMG (International Paleo Movement Group)! Our conversations have been so inspiring and encouraging! I thank you all!


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A Little Blurb about that Woman’s World Article!

Thanks to Joanne Ellett in the IPMG for posting a pic of the article I blogged about! Now you guys can see for yourself, and I don’t have to buy the silly magazine so we can discuss it further!

The Ridiculousness that is mainstream media trying to make Paleo into SAD!

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Eating Like a Cavewoman…Soy and Rice Chex…REALLY WOMAN’S WORLD????!!!

Well, hello everyone! I have an opinion piece for you today. Let’s just get into it, shall we?

I was at the store the other day, waiting in line at the checkout, and I saw a “Woman’s World” magazine. I noticed the cover story said something like “A Diet Better than Atkins or The Zone!” and went on to say you could lose blah blah pounds in blah blah days. So, I thought to myself, “Huh, I wonder what this is about.” When I opened it up to the cover story article, I found something interesting. It started by saying that a lady at the magazine was losing weight rapidly. People asked her what she was doing, and she responded by saying she was “eating like a cavewoman!” At first glance, I was excited by this. I thought, “Wow, awesome! Paleo is making it into Woman’s World! That’s pretty mainstream!” Then, I continued to read. As I perused, I noticed there was a picture of CHEX cereal in the middle of the article. At first I thought it might be a bit about what NOT to consume when one is eating like a cavewoman. It did happen to be next to a picture of soy as well. Of course, my first thoughts about both of these were wrong! The article actually RECOMMENDED eating these non-cavewoman things! Really? I was completely disappointed! How could anyone write that? Who really believes that processed cereal is something our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten? Oh, yeah, I can see it now:

Paleo woman is walking along, foraging. She suddenly sees the great CHEX CEREAL PLANT! Of course! That’s totally natural! Oh, and this CHEX CEREAL plant is growing right next to that totally paleo soy! She runs over and picks it! NOW, now she will be set for a long time! No food worries there!

WHAT!!!!????!!!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a ridiculous scenario! I just don’t think that Woman’s World worker was eating like a cavewoman if she included processed cereal and soy (unfermented, even) products!

I must tell you all, I did not read the rest of the article in its entirety because I was so disgusted by the suggestion that a cavewoman would eat these things. I also did not want to spend my money on such nonsense…but now I am wishing I would have done so…so I could seriously share some of the ridiculousness with you! Maybe I will go to the store this evening and pick one up, just for that. It goes against what I would normally do, but I think it would be worth it to explore.

Stay tuned for a NEW post on this! I will give you the details then! Until then, enjoy this funny image I designed to represent the image of a cavewoman eating cereal! I just couldn’t help myself!

Have a healthy (non-Chex, non-soy) day!


Our Paleolithic ancestors did NOT do this!


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Nutrition can Save America: A must read!

From the editors of Natural News:

Go to this link to read!

<a href = “http://www.naturalnews.com/Report_Nutrition_Health_America_0.html”>Nutrition Can Save America!</a>

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Interagency Raw Foods Raid…Uncalled for! Unlawful!

Hi all,

I was not feeling well today so I was going to hold off on posting…but the latest breaking news took precedence. I am not going to write much of my own on this….just going to say I AM OUTRAGED by it. It is important, though, to get this information out and get you ACTIVE!

Without further ado:

Weston A. Price Foundation Press Release:

Rawsome Farm Buying Club Raided Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kimberly Hartke
Wednesday, August 03 2011 18:51
Weston A. Price Foundation Kimberly Hartke, Publicist
For Immediate Release

Rawesome Farm Buying Club Raided Again
Club Manager, Farmer and Weston Price Chapter Leader Arrested
Protest Rally Planned for 8:00am Thursday August 4

August 3, 2011—Los Angeles, California—Public Health Officials today descended once again on a buying club, that specializes in raw foods. Club organizer, James Stewart was arrested at his home, the locks to his personal residence were changed, his papers, money and computer seized. At the same time, farmer Sharon Palmer and Weston A. Price Foundation volunteer chapter leader Victoria Bloch Coulter were arrested. All three were charged with Section 182A-Conspiracy to Commit a Crime. Bond for James Stewart was set at $123,000. Bail for Bloch is recommended at $60,000. Bail for Palmer is recommended at $121,000.

All this, in a state where raw milk is perfectly legal to sell, and even available through retail stores. The issue seems to be the club’s use of a herdshare or boarding agreement for its dairy goats. Recently, the California Department of Food and Agriculture issued a cease-and-desist order to a farmer boarding dairy animals for the animal owners. Another farmer, Mike Hulme of Evergreen Acres goat farm in San Jose, received a cease-and-desist letter from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. Hulme and several people with ownership interest in goats kept at the farm are suing the state and county for interfering with their right to enter into a livestock boarding contract.

The state insists the farmers need dairy licenses to conduct such operations.

“It is apparent that there is an orchestrated effort on the part of public health officials to curb raw dairy access in California, and around the nation,” declares Pete Kennedy, Esq., President of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow in Department 30, Los Angeles Superior Court, Fifth Floor, Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple St., Los Angeles. Court opens at 8:30 a.m. The District attorney’s office says it is likely they are to go before the judge during the morning session.

A protest rally on the Los Angeles Courthouse Steps is planned for 8:00am tomorrow morning, when the three food rights activists are before the judge. Citizens concerned about access to healthy, locally produced foods are urged to attend.

Concerned citizens are asked to donate to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, an organization that works to protect and expand consumer access to whole, unprocessed foods of their choice, and to pave the way for unregulated, direct trade between farmer and consumer. Visit their website for more details on food freedom and raw milk issues: http://farmtoconsumer.org.

Video footage at the scene of the raid, club members expressing outrage:http://youtu.be/lI1gvPmA_c8

More footage will be posted soon on Cheeseslave.com and the Cheeseslave You Tube Channel.

Official press release about the arrests:


Media Contact: Kimberly Hartke, Publicist

Weston A. Price Foundation, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

703-860-2711, cell 703-675-5557, press@westonaprice.org

Ann Marie Michaels, Los Angeles rally media contact

310-482-9643, annmarie@realfoodmedia.com

Go to my Facebook page to learn more! Please! I guarantee you will hear more from me on this VERY SOON! I will also keep you updated!

More sources:






I will keep you all posted on the coming days. Tomorrow is the court date and the rally. Show your support! Take the steps listed here on this Weston A. Price Bulletin! WE MUST GET ANGRY AND RAISE OUR VOICES SO THEY WILL HEAR US LOUD AND CLEAR! We will not be slaves! This country will not be taken over by the Big 4! It is a country OF, FOR, and BY THE PEOPLE!!!!



RAWESOME Raw Food Buying Club in Venice Beach, California was raided for the second time today and James Stewart, club organizer, is in jail with $123K bond set. Victoria Bloch, a Weston A. Price chapter leader, and farmer Sharon Palmer were also arrested.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy is organizing a protest rally tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. at the courthouse where the raw milk advocates are to be arraigned. Southern California citizens are urged to join Mark McAfee and food blogger Ann Marie Michaels.

Arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow in Department 30, Los Angeles Superior Court, fifth floor, Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple St., Los Angeles. Court opens at 8:30 a.m. The district attorneys office says it is likely they are to go before the judge during the morning session.


The office of the L.A. District attorney is fielding calls regarding the case. For more information, or to express concern about the governments actions, call 213-974-3512.

Also please call the Los Angeles television stations – KCBS, KNBC, KTLA, KABC – and ask them to cover the protest rally.


Talking Points for speaking with elected official about this issue:

–Infringement of private property rights

–Misuse of state resources

–Denying citizens freedom of food choice

Ask your representatives in Congress to co-sponsor the Ron Paul bill lifting the ban on raw milk in interstate commerce; while not a factor in this case, it sends an important message about citizen access to raw milk.

See you soon! Have a healthy and OUTSPOKEN day!



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